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Commemoration of the 16 days of Activism against GBV in Matobo – Day 2

3rd day of December 2021

On the 3rd day of December our team continued the commemoration of the 16 days of activism in Matobo district. Few participants from the previous day attended compared to the new participants. Mr Courtney Mukoyi made a short recap from the previous meeting. The floor was opened for the survivors of gender based violence who wished to share their stories. One of the participants narrated of how she was violated in the hands of her in-laws and her husband contenting that she was having adulterous affairs. She narrated how she engaged the elders and how she was helped to take a protection order which worked for her as she was no longer abused by her in-laws and her husband. Mr Descent Dube from MYDI talked of the child marriages and women violation in the mining areas. Mr Makono and Maguduru jumped in and encourage the women to report and defend themselves whenever these violations occurs.

Justice Code Foundation set up a help desk for the people who have their personal issues to approach and get legal assistance. A total of 14 clients were attended to with one client facing murder charges after having been involved in a road accident. 6 were maintenance cases in which the husband in 3 of the cases had crossed the border to South Africa after a maintenance order were sort. 3 of the cases were protection orders and the other 2 cases were peace orders with 3 coming for child marriage cases.

Justice Code Foundation will continuously monitor online GBV and provide any legal services through the use of technological means
C Mukoyi

Mr Farai Daara also addressed the participants of the remedies that they have when they are in imminent danger of rights violation. He emphasised on the need to make reports on the violation and the need for women not to keep quite when there is a violation. He implored the communities to embrace the technology to record evidence and to make reports whenever necessary. He also encouraged the participants to download Astrea Justice Application for them to know their right in the local languages and have a reporting platforms on the application


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